Water Damage

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How does Water Damage Occur?

Water damage in a home often occurs in one of two ways: external weather and intrusion, or because of the failure of an internal water system such as plumbing. In either case, the actual intrusion or leak and the resulting damage are often separate from one another in terms of timing. In many cases the intrusion occurs and the damage doesn’t become obvious until days or even weeks later. Sometimes the damage is not discernable for months, such as with a small leak and the resulting mold build up behind walled-off surfaces. This makes a water damage claim particularly challenging because both home builders responsible for the original design as well as insurance providers protecting against the damage risk will likely argue that it is not their responsibility to remedy it.

Another situation that can occur is when the water damage is from the outside but not necessarily from rain. Insurance providers draw a big distinction between a roof leak and plumbing leak versus flooding damage. While homeowner’s insurance policies with general times often cover the former they leave out any protection for flood damage. That must be obtained through a separate policy. But what actually constitutes flood damage versus damage from rain leakage can be quite a discrepancy at times.

Who is Responsible for the Water Damage in my Home?

Proving design responsibility or coverage responsibility often goes back to the initial purchase or insurance coverage agreement and how they were written. That takes expertise in both knowing how building code applies for the given area, how the contract laws work for enforcement, and the actual terms agreed to by the parties involved. In many cases homeowners are quickly sidestepped or distracted by the technical jargon, allowing those responsible to avoid having to address a related water damage claim.

Where can I find the Number One Water Damage Claims Law Firm in Miami or Hollywood?

If you or someone you know is dealing with delays and claim rejections and needs a water damage claims attorney in Hollywood or Miami, the Rain Law Firm is the law firm to call. Our attorneys and professional staff have been dealing with home builders and insurance companies for years, understanding all the intricacies potentially involved with a water damage claim denial. Our counsel will start off with a detailed consultation, collecting the facts and any documentation available. Each case then goes through a separate, independent research and vetting for what rights should be asserted and protected to provide you with the best representation possible with the given case. We then develop case strategy to move forward with, seeking the best recovery possible for your claim and needs. Remember, a claim is not just limited to the costs for repair alone; it also can include expenses and needs to maintain your quality of life as it was before being disrupted by the water damage and the associated hassles that it caused. The Rain Law Firm is dedicated to protecting all your rights as a consumer, not just those convenient for a builder or insurance provider.

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