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What is a Homeowner’s Claim?

Many first-time homeowners are under the impression that they only have a certain amount of time to file a complaint or see recovery from a homebuilder when they find a problem in their new home. These are known as homeowner claims, and builders many times go out of their way to give a buyer the impression that specific time windows exist for a short period only. The most common are the one-year “anything is an issue” time period, and then the five to ten year structural problems period. After that, the builder typically makes clear in all their writing and contractual language that they have no further responsibility.

Should I File a Homeowner’s Claim?

The problem, however, is that a home construction issue may not appear right away. Settling, for example, is a big problem and many times doesn’t appear until years later as drywall finally moves enough to cause visible cracks in paint and corners. Settling can be cause by a variety of issues from the house weight compressing the land underneath to improper preparation of the foundation and an uneven surface for the home to sit on. Another big issue is the building materials used. Homeowners in Arizona, for example, found out that the drywall used to wall off the interior of their homes was fabricated poorly and began to rot and promote mold growth over time. These issues were found well after the initial inspection and notice dates but represented clear problems with the home design and construction right from the start.

Builders are not necessarily off the hook just because they signed a contract with a given notice period. If the builder knew or should have known that a procedure, construction method, material or similar was poor in quality and substandard, and sold the home as a higher quality level anyways, the misrepresentation can nullify any contractual limitation on liability. The buyer in such cases was essentially duped and bought a substandard home when thinking he was buying a quality construction.

Where can I Find a Homeowners Claims Law Firm in Hollywood and Miami?

If you’re in a similar situation with a construction issue that has appeared over time and need a homeowners claims attorney in Hollywood or a homeowners claims lawyer in Miami then the Rain Law Firm is the office to call. Their professional staff and attorneys are well-versed in the home-building construction industry in Florida, standards and quality requirements expected of builders and what kind of problems have typically been seen in the industry that consumers need to be protected from. Make no mistake, home builders today are predominantly corporations with the capability to hiring plenty of attorneys on their side to fend off claims. A consumer needs professional expertise in these kinds of matters who know the local court system, how to navigate case issues through procedural hoops and challenges, and who have a strong network with local court staff and judges. The Rain Law Firm is just that kind of office for cases in the Hollywood and Miami region.

There’s no reason for you to just deal with substandard work in your home. If you feel there is an issue that needs representation to be addressed, or you know someone dealing with a similar issue, call the RAIN Law Firm today. It is worth your time to achieve peace of mind!

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