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You Were Charged With a Criminal Traffic Offense, Now What?

Are you or a loved one facing charges related to a criminal traffic offense in Miami or Hollywood? If so, the RAIN Law Firm can help. Our criminal traffic offense lawyers have the experience and know-how to properly handle your case and deliver the best results possible. Having been in practice for over 35 years, our attorneys know many tactics and strategies to craft a strong case. We firmly believe that fair and reliable legal representation should be a right, not a luxury, so we work hard every day bringing our premier services to those in Miami, Hollywood, and the surrounding areas.

Criminal Traffic Ticket

Driving laws in Florida are strict and enforcement of those laws can be even stricter. Fines and tickets are expensive and serving time for a driving offense can be life-changing. In Florida, a criminal traffic ticket is issued in a case in which a person is suspected of committing a traffic violation which is punishable as a misdemeanor offense. When charged with a criminal traffic offense, a driver can be arrested.

The most common criminal traffic offenses are: driving under the influence, reckless driving, knowingly driving with a suspended license, leaving the scene of an accident with property damage, etc.

Criminal Traffic Lawyers in South Florida

If you or a loved one are dealing with criminal traffic charges, you need to find an attorney you can count on. The RAIN Law Firm have some of the most experienced attorneys in the Miami and Hollywood areas. Our skilled criminal traffic attorneys can guide you through each step of the case and take some of the weight off your shoulders in this difficult time.

If you are located in any of the following locations, the RAIN Law Firm can help you with your case:

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