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How should I handle my Home Fire Damage Claim?

Fire damage claims often dump more frustration onto what is already a traumatizing experience for a homeowner. In many cases the fire has caused significant damage to a home already. Due to homes being fabricated with many products and materials made from petro-chemical products, a home fire today can spread throughout a room and reach temperatures as high as 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit in less than five minutes. It’s a far shorter time period than what people typically had with homes made from natural material products decades ago (typical fire time in a room was more than 30 minutes before flashover). The second big issue is that due to a home fire spreading so fast, many victims deal with injuries, lost pets, and burns as well from the extreme heat. To then go through the tedious bureaucratic process for basic claims to be handled and responded to when a homeowner already has coverage for fire is just adding insult to injury.

Will the Insurance Company Pay my Fire Damage Claim?

However, insurance providers are loathe to cover fire damage when it is possible to avoid. House fires are almost always caused by human error based on statistics tracked nationwide. The insurance industry has a strong interest in these statistics and often points to them as a defense for why they should cover what is not considered an accident. This is where a skilled attorney is absolutely necessary. Regardless of what an insurance provider might try to argue when a claim comes in, what matters is what kind of risk was agreed to when the coverage was first provided and the homeowner began paying premiums. The very definition of fire risk often catches providers in their own words and leaves them with the responsibility for paying the coverage contracted for. And, a bad faith denial of coverage can become extremely expensive for an insurance provider who knew better.

What if the Insurance Company does not Agree to Pay my Claim?

Left to its own devices, a delayed claims process can take on multiple effects. Not only is the homeowner unable to move back into his or her home, which could be condemned by the city or county as uninhabitable, one still must pay bills and probably a mortgage on the damaged property in the meantime while staying in an apartment or under other temporary living conditions. Add to the problem the life interruptions of having to sort out recovery issues and where to seek rebuilding help from, the homeowner then still should deal with arguing and waiting for a proper response from an uninterested provider. It’s enough to make a person lose their marbles…much less their patience!

Where can I find an Attorney in Miami or Hollywood to handle my Fire Damage Claim?

If you or someone you know is finding themselves in an endless circle of excuses and no proper claim response, then it’s time to call the RAIN Law Firm for help. Their attorneys are experienced in dealing with insurance providers as well as the intricacies of fire insurance contracts and interpreting coverage terms correctly. Their skills can be the element that pushes the matter back where it should be with a provider honoring a claim and processing the paperwork in a timely manner. Homeowners contract for protection as a financial safety net when the worst possible thing to a home occurs. They expect that net to be there and do its job when the risk actually occurs. And it is the RAIN Law Firm’s mission to ensure homeowners rights, and their recovery, are protected and implemented as expected and in a timely manner.

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